Holy Zero Gravity Boobs Batman!


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The Difference is Why…

 “They laugh because I am different… I laugh because they’re all the same! I’m proud to be a geek, but I am no sheep!” -Malibu Ninja SoulPancake Activities – The Difference is Why– 1 month ago Quiet people listen more.

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Jesse Ruben is a super star, the proof is in the e-Cards!

In the music industry, you know you have “made it” as an artist when some one creates an e-Card with your name across it and posts it on the various social networks to circulate!  Usually the circulation follows some outlandish

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Goofy GIFs Courtesy of Google+ Auto Awesome

This was the only “Almost” snow day so far this winter, meaning school was not cancelled but delayed by two hours! Jamison scarfing down a Dicks Cheeseburger!  December 2013 Kale, Madyson and Jamison enjoying some top ramen! The neighborhood pets,

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As if Chuck wasn’t cool enough already… Now light up the night with this Chuck Taylor Sneaker Mod! (Pumped up kicks!!!)

Simple sneaker Modification… Grab your Converse Chuck Taylors and use your BRILLIANCE! When you walk by every head will turn and stare gaping mouths open and drooling over your sweet new kicks! Materials & tools needed: 2x EL panel 2x tiny

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Creating Paper Roses – Technique #1 (Using Patterned Petals and securing with Elmer’s Glue)

I have been looking into all the various ways to create flowers using paper.  There are so many ways to do this that it’s almost overwhelming!  So I am posting a few different sets of instructions with different techniques, tools

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Wood 101: Circular Saw

The following tips are helpful for safely and skillfully using a circular saw. I feel that knowing your tools and safety basics are the most important aspect of wood working. You will gain experience over time but must start with

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