“Everything, Anything, Something, Nothing”

MalibuNinja Graphic - I feel a song coming on.

I think the photo says it all! Literally!

I choose to be your girl
Meet all your needs with my one body
I want to be your thrill
The reason you feel a tingling chill
I need to be your world
The axis that you revolve around
I wish to be your light
When it’s dark and around you it draws tight
Because, because, because…
Baby, you are mine, you are my thrill, my spine tingling chill
You are mine, you are my whole world, spinning around you forever
Baby, you are my light when all is dark and I’ve lost my way
For you And only for you….
I Want to do it all, everything… For you
Because I love to see you smile
I would do it all, anything… For you
Because I hate to see you suffer
Want to dream it all, something…  With you,
Because baby, with you everything is possible
But somehow… at the end of the day…
I know…  That I will never be
I will never do, I never will,
Can’t ever be all that
Or any of it
Because you don’t feel
Don’t want to do everything, for you
If to you…  I will never be your everything
Don’t want to do anything, for you
If to you… I can never be anything
Don’t want to do something, for you
If to you… I am never something
So I won’t… I will do nothing, for you
Because baby, to you….  I am nothing
I refuse to be everything for you
but still mean nothing to you!

© 2013 Stacy M Price (AKA MalibuNinja)

So obviously the above segment is just a tidbit of what it will probably become but I thought I would share my randomness with you all!!!  Please let me know what you think, that is, if you have the ability to think for yourself.  Not to be rude but most people can not perform the aforementioned act of basic individual thought!  I hope you have this talent among many others!!!   Happy Tuesday!


Hi, I'm Stacy! I'm an Über Geek! Also a Mom, Artist, Craftsman, Writer, Fixer of all Things Broken, Caregiver! Professionally I am also a Notary, Certified Notary Signing Agent, Mortgage Banker (Licensed Loan Originator), Certified QuickBooks Bookkeeper, Small Business Consultant and Small Business Owner! Some call me "Malibu Ninja", "The Spiller", "Spacey", "Angel" or "Turbo"; Around family I answer to "Stace", "Ra-Stacy", "Susie", "Sue-Stacy" or "Hey You" but in all reality my name is Stacy Price (like The Price is Right). I list out a bunch of titles or labels (above) in a feeble attempt to describe myself but, I am much more than those labels.. First and foremost, I'm a Mom to Jamison, an amazingly intelligent 7 year old who astounds me every day with his wit, charm and outlandish smarts. He is in 2nd grade this year and is growing too quickly for my taste! I am human, I live on earth, I have a complex and often scattered mind with far too many thoughts running, jumping and screaming at the same time (ADHD, OCD or maybe some other acronym??)! I have lived an interesting life so far, learned many skills and even more lessons, mostly the hard way. I have earned my stripes and all my battle scars, I wear them proudly. I have plenty of good stories to tell and I undoubtedly will acquire many more in the colorful years ahead. People either hate me or they love me, not many fall in between. I am like the tazmanian devil, hard to handle! I am opinionated, expressive, artistic, loud and proud! Each day I will be bold, sometimes offensive but I will always be myself and my freak flag will be flying high until the day I die! Bragging rights I worked with a whole department full of Rocket Scientists (LITERALLY) and held my own intellectually (learned quite a bit too!) at the University of Washington Aeronautical & Astronautical Department of Engineering! I was told I could never have children (due to health problems) although it was risky and a huge challenge I survived having my son who is the most wonderful gift anyone could ask for!

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