Jesse Ruben is a super star, the proof is in the e-Cards!

In the music industry, you know you have “made it” as an artist when some one creates an e-Card with your name across it and posts it on the various social networks to circulate! 

Usually the circulation follows some outlandish public debauchery; like being spotted having a romantic dinner with a married man (if you happen to be a female artist) or maybe a photographer is snapping photos after a drunken bar brawl and you “accidently” knock him out with a right hook (if you happen to be a bad ass male artist).  My point is, that in the music industry popularity is rarely based on your actual talent or the message your music is sending but almost completely on your party animal image. 

Seems a bit like high school doesn’t it?

Jesse Ruben on the other hand doesn’t do drunken debauchery or bar fights and still has gained a huge following in recent years.  See e-Card for proof!

Congratulations Jesse!!  You have reached the big time! People like you so much that there is a Jesse Ruben e-card!  If that isn’t fame, I don’t know what is.  The bonus news is that said e-Card isn’t offensive and doesn’t portray you in a negative light at all!

Ding! Ding! Ding! We Have A Winner!

On the e-card you are not pictured flashing your private parts while out on a drinking binge.  It doesn’t show you surrounded by your hoes, flaunting how much of a man-whore you are, as many male musicians love to do.  You aren’t kicking some one’s ass or swearing or doing any of other countless negative things that other musicians are known for, either!

Than you for being a positive role model!

I would be proud to have my son look up to someone like you.. There aren’t many left these days in the music industry or anywhere else for that matter. Keep up the good work Jesse, seems like you are on the right path!

But don’t forget:

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

Will Rogers

If you don’t know who Jesse Ruben is, then you are missing out!

Jesse is a young, inspiring, positive singer/songwriter originally from Philly but living in New York, who has had a huge impact on so many lives already! He is unlike any musicians I know, he is charitable and insightful; his music soulful, deep and yet simple.

You may recognize his music from:

His most mainstream song “Advice” is played on the radio and was featured on One Tree Hill.  The lyrics are imaginative and the tune is catchy.  The beginning lyrics are: “To the man who writes the music in my head, were you fired? Did you retire? Did you skip out on your rent? Did you go crazy? Just get lazy? Did you meet the perfect lady? Can you tell me where you went?.”

Click the photo on the right to go to Jesse’s site where you can hear his music, learn about his charitable adventures and read about the “I Can” initiative.

His song “We Can” is about believing in yourself despite what anyone else thinks.  The song was written after he ran the New York marathon to raise money for the Christopher Reeves Foundation.  Prior to the event no one believed he could finish a marathon but he stayed strong, trained hard and he achieved what others thought was impossible.  he now runs the New York Marathon annually because he believes in making the world a better place and doing whatever he can to help find a cure for paralysis.

The song inspired an international “I Can” initiative in Elementary schools, motivating children to believe in themselves. He even travels to some of the schools that have implemented the program to play live for the kids! The video for “We Can” was filmed at the school where it all started in Canada.

Here is the “We Can” Official Music Video
Filmed at the school that started the “I Can” movement!

My favorite song of Jesse’s is “I Should Get Out More” which is the last video in this post. It’s quite funny and reminds me of myself, a homebody!

Check out Jesse Ruben’s site, listen to his music, like him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, play his songs to inspire your kids and you will thank me later!

Note to Jesse:

You’ve inspired so many to be the best that they can be. Fighting Lyme disease isn’t easy, I am sure, but we have faith in you to be the best you can be. You are strong and you will carry on! I know you will be healthy again soon and writing even more amazing music because of the experience.

I read your new years post on Tumbler the other day and it saddened me that you would actually consider giving up music.  So many people drift through life never finding their true niche (their passion, their pure talent) that it would be a waste to have found your calling and then walked away.

I always tell my son that life is like a story told generation after generation and you are the main character, the hero. There will always be problems, as the hero you will always face some adversity and your role is to overcome whatever it may be. Because if there weren’t any bumps in the road the story wouldn’t be worth telling and would have died off long ago!

P.S. Jesse if you read this, please re-follow me on twitter>?  I was excited to get notified that you were following me, then when I logged in you had un-followed me.  I write some interesting stuff sometimes and I post links on Twitter…  Oh and I admire your work, if you couldn’t tell!jesserubentwitterfollowingme


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