About Me…

“They laugh because I am different; I laugh because they are all the same! They say, “Fall into our step”. I say, “I am no sheep, I walk my own line”. -Malibu Ninja

Hi! I’m Malibu Ninja, an **Über Geek**

*Mom* *Artist* *Craftsman*  *Fixer of all Things Broken*  *Dreamer* *Writer* *Caregiver*

Some call me Malibu Ninja, The Spiller, Spacey, Angel or Turbo; around family, I answer to Susie, Sue-Stacy or Stace but in all reality, my name is Stacy.  Above I list out a bunch of labels in a feeble attempt to describe myself but, of course, I am much more than those labels… I am human, I live on earth, I have a complex and often scattered mind with too many thoughts running, jumping and screaming at the same time (ADHD, OCD or maybe some other acronym?)!

I have lived an interesting life so far, learned many skills and even more lessons, mostly the hard way.  I have earned my stripes and all my battle scars, I wear them proudly.  I have plenty of good stories to tell and I undoubtedly will acquire many more in the colorful years ahead.  Each day I will be bold, sometimes offensive but I will always stay true to me and my freak flag will be flying high until the day I die!

I have wanted to start a blog for a while but didn’t really feel I had anything to write about, well I shouldn’t say that.  I have plenty to write about and I do write often but I didn’t think I had anything that I wanted to share with the world and in turn anything that others would want to read.

However I have been bouncing around various blogs lately getting some ideas for different projects I want to do and realized that a lot of these blog authors and I have a ton in common.  They have readers to it stands to reason that if I started a blog eventually I would have readers as well.

For the past 2 years, I have been building stuff out of recycled stuff.  I say “stuff” because it is such a wide variety of creations that I couldn’t possibly categorize it as furniture or artwork or anything in particular because these creations are all those things and more.  Mostly I work outside because I live with my grandparents, mother and my son and there isn’t a lot of indoor space available but more importantly my grandfather is fighting cancer and he has an allergy to cut wood and has asthma which makes him extremely sensitive to paint fumes and such.

The side effect of working outside is that all my neighbors have developed quite an interest in what I am doing.  It’s funny cause they will walk, drive or ride by and gawk at me while I sand, saw, paint and drill.  They will ask my grandmother or grandfather what I am working on today and how it’s going, when they are out in the neighborhood.


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