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The Difference is Why…

 “They laugh because I am different… I laugh because they’re all the same! I’m proud to be a geek, but I am no sheep!” -Malibu Ninja SoulPancake Activities – The Difference is Why– 1 month ago Quiet people listen more.

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Mustache The Right Question

“What are you?” asked a passenger.
“You mustache the right question for the answer you seek” Johnie replied.
“What nationality are you?” The passenger rephrased his question.
“I have no boundaries, no borders; I am but one resident of earth; connected to all living beings on this planet; for I exist as they do.” Johnie answered the question.
Johnie drives a hybrid Taxicab in Bellingham, Washington. He is a patient, kind, gentle, friendly man who puts up with a ton of craziness on a daily basis but still has an amazingly positive outlook on life.
Why must we label each other? Why put others into categories and form opinions without taking the time to learn who that person is on the inside? Why not be observant, ask meaningful questions, and have a decent chance to gauge who that person really is, based on your interactions? Can’t we all just open our eyes and see the person in front of us for who they really are?

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