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Goofy GIFs Courtesy of Google+ Auto Awesome

This was the only “Almost” snow day so far this winter, meaning school was not cancelled but delayed by two hours! Jamison scarfing down a Dicks Cheeseburger!  December 2013 Kale, Madyson and Jamison enjoying some top ramen! The neighborhood pets,

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**Über Geek***Mom* *Artist* *Craftsman**Fixer of all Things Broken**Dreamer* *Writer* *Caregiver*

I am human, I live on earth, I have a complex and often scattered mind with too many thoughts running, jumping and screaming at the same time (ADHD, OCD or maybe some other acronym?)! Each day I will be bold, sometimes offensive but I will always stay true to me and my freak flag will be flying high until the day I die!

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