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As if Chuck wasn’t cool enough already… Now light up the night with this Chuck Taylor Sneaker Mod! (Pumped up kicks!!!)

Simple sneaker Modification… Grab your Converse Chuck Taylors and use your BRILLIANCE! When you walk by every head will turn and stare gaping mouths open and drooling over your sweet new kicks! Materials & tools needed: 2x EL panel 2x tiny

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“Binge on Me”

~Verse 1~ At times you Lift me up high Make me feel aglow Most times you Make me feel beneath You ~ Lower than low I wish I could Reflect it back Feel what I feel But I refuse Can’t

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WARNING: May Induce Flashbacks to Vid-Idiot Adolescent Days!

NES console (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I grew up playing the original Nintendo Entertainment System, if I remember correctly it debuted the year I turned 6. When I was allowed to play I would keep playing until my thumbs ached and

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